14 October 2011

Life as I Know It (Oct. 14): LOTS of pictures

I know it's been a while since I've posted here and I apologize. Things have been super busy for us: I'm back to work, Tyson is powering through school, and William is growing more every day. We went to Disneyland for my birthday and it was a blast! My mom went with us and she watched William so Tyson and I could go on all the rides we wanted. I got to use the Baby Care Centers at D-Land and CA Adventure. It was great to have a cool, quiet place to nurse and change William. William was perfect all day. And the whole way to and from CA. Can you believe it? 

We got family pictures taken as well. William was fussy at the beginning but after I fed him, he was happy as a clam. Except lots cuter than a clam. The few days after we got home were interesting but it's all smoothed over.

I went back to work this week. Our child care situation fell through last minute so, for now, I just work on Tuesdays and Thursdays so Tyson can watch William. I hope that we can find someone to watch him Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings soon.
Tyson has taken his first round of mid-terms and is doing well. I try to help him all I can with his writing and humanities classes. His friend, whom we affectionately call Dr. Joe (I don't know if he knows we call him that), has been helping him with his Materials of Engineering class. Tyson is so smart. I can't imagine trying to learn the stuff he studies.
Tyson surprised me with a date last Friday. He got two of our friends to watch William and we went to dinner. Tyson also surprised me with some belated b-day presents. He had ordered them a few weeks ago but they weren't ready until after my b-day. He got me two box sets of books: The LOTR series and the Percy Jackson series. He also got me a beautiful frame/mat for my diploma. I love it! Right now it's on our piano because we can't agree on where to hang it. But it feels great to look and it and Tyson looks at it as motivation to get his! The best present he gave me was a singing card in which he wrote the most beautiful love note he ever has written me. It made me cry a little. My man is so good to me!
William is starting to smile! I love that I can start talking to him and he'll smile right back. The other day, Tyson was laying on the floor with William on his stomach. Tyson was talking to him in Spanish and William would coo back to him. I should've recorded it. It was adorable! And my hubby wonders why I kept smiling at them.

William loves to stand. I know, he's only almost 7 weeks old but the kid's leg muscles are ridiculous. We keep our hands under his arms for balance but he can totally stand! We try to get him to do tummy time but he hates it. I think it's because he's too close to the ground: it's boring down there! He wants to be up and looking around! His arm muscles haven't caught up to his leg muscles but I have a feelings he'll be causing mayhem fairly soon.

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