14 October 2011


I must say that I love having my siblings here in town. LOVE!! Since I'm the oldest, I've been away from home for almost six years and during that time I've only been home for one summer, three Thanksgivings, but every Christmas, of course. I have really missed my siblings and have felt guilty for being so far away! They came to all my stuff: choir concerts, band performances, musicals, etc. Did you know I had never seen Jane sing until this semester? She's in Women's Chorus at BYU and I made SURE I went to her show. I wanted to show my support so I left my men at home and enjoyed the evening of beautiful choral music. Nelson is still harder to see but when he does come over it's awesome. He is so funny, just like my dad. Okay, not exactly like my dad but funny nonetheless. It's too bad Katie is home all alone now. I know she hates it. I miss her silliness and sweetness. Conclusion: my family rocks and I love them all. Cheers!

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Jane said...

AWW!! I love you Denise!!! I am really glad you came to my concert :) I would have been really sad if nobody I knew had come. It meant a lot to me :D