19 January 2014

Classes This Semester

This is my third week of classes in my second semester at GWU. This semester seems to be running away from me. I'm having a harder time concentrating, I'm having a harder time managing my time between work, school, home, and church, and I'm having a harder time understanding the assignments. 
I watch the lectures and do all the readings but then the assignments seem so disconnected! It makes me feel like I'm not actually learning anything. This is especially true in my Business of Publishing class. I'm SO glad it's only eight weeks long because I'm already totally over it. The professor just decided to change our final project which means our first two assignments are essentially pointless and we'll have to do either extra work (re-do the first two with a new goal) or we'll have a final exam instead of this project. 
I'm ticked. Seriously peeved. She's changing the assignments because she thinks some of us are re-using work from our classes last semester, which is ridiculous. Our assignments may be related but the focus is increased in this course so my group felt like we could use an idea from last semester and expand upon it for this class. Apparently not.
I knew this semester would be challenging for me. I installed an app on my browser that blocks time-wasting sites so I will be forced to focus on my work. I only installed it on Friday night so I haven't been able to test it in the midst of a school week but I'm really hoping it helps. I did so well last semester so I don't know why things are SO different and it's frustrating.
In the meantime, I'm going to focus more, play less, and prioritize my time to the max. It's a good thing Tyson has a job again because I would feel awful using my time to do homework instead of interact with him. My goal is to jam on homework while he's at work so I don't have to do very much, if anything at all, while he's home.
I just want this semester to be over. I want to get out of these two classes, the two out of my WHOLE program I was dreading. I want them over. Pronto.
Pray for me. I need the help.

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Muffy said...

I don't see anything wrong with re-using previous work from other classes. That must be so frustrating with your professor's attitude! Hang in there! Prayers coming your way!