31 January 2014


Today was our first try and potty training. I bought William some Mickey Mouse undies. We've had his potty set up in the bathroom for a few weeks and he has been getting used to sitting upon it. This afternoon we nixed the diaper and set up in the bathroom for our first try: binkie, Charlie, potty book, and sippy FULL of water.

Well, after a while he started getting fidgety so we took a break. I grabbed some photos of my siblings and taped the onto the dryer. William took the liberty of re-arranging them in pairs.

Nothing was happening in the bathroom so I put a towel down in the living room and put the potty on it. Still nothing. Of course the moment I put his undies back on he climbed up on the couch and peed. Of course :) Finally, some time later, he peed in the potty. Woo-hoo! Look at those cute undies!

We'll do some more potty training every day. He's so cute! He was so proud of himself. He helped me empty the potty into the toilet and flush it away. I sure love that boy.

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Muffy said...

Good luck with the potty training!