04 February 2014

Why I Would Never Do Grad School

But wait, aren't you in grad school? Why, yes. I am. Let me sum up.

I am not a great writer. Sure I write on my blog 'cause it's fun and I get to talk about whatever I feel like but I'm not a great scholarly writer. Last semester of school was awesome because the writing we had to do was short and to the point. This semester I have to write a 2-page, single-spaced paper every week for my copyright law class. Last week I had to do TWO papers for that class in one week. I'm not good at filling up space. I say what I want to say, cite my sources, make a decent argument for my point, and then I'm done. But it's not enough. I don't have enough to say about copyright law to meet the weekly quota. It's so frustrating!

And this is why I never thought I'd do grad school. Thesis? NO FREAKING WAY. Okay, my program doesn't make me do a thesis but it's still killing me softly with weekly papers. I just want it to be Fall semester so I can take my "fun" track classes, like Book Design!

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Muffy said...

Totally agree! Why can't students write to the point without all the fluff? By the way, I love your new layout and theme for your blog. Your family picture is cute! :D