24 February 2014

Tension Headaches

I never had headaches until after I had William. And even then I didn't have headaches on a regular basis until I started grad school. My life must be stressful or something.
I didn't know I was having "tension" headaches, I just thought they would regular headaches. Actually, for a while I thought that maybe they were a result of my TMJ or that maybe my C1 vertebra was out of alignment again (see this post for more details on that lovely experience.) On Thursday night I was in so much pain I needed a doctor's opinion so I took myself to urgent care. The doctor felt the muscles on my back and neck. This was our conversation: 
"So, are you in school?" "Yes." 
"Do you work?" "Yeah, part-time." 
"Are you married?" "Yeah, I am." 
"Do you have kids?" "Yep, a toddler." 
"Wow. You've got a lot goin' on." "...yeah."
Turns out, the muscles that run along the shoulder blades are connected to other muscles in the neck which, when tight, cause pain along the head and into the eyes. He prescribed me some pain pills which I am only allowed to take at night. He also told me to use heat and massage therapy to get those muscles to relax.
Last night I took a pill at about 9:00pm because the pain caused by a knot on my left shoulder blade was unbearable. It was causing radiating pain through my elbow and my wrist. The pain in my wrist felt similar to what I feel when my carpal tunnel acts up. I got out my rice pack and Tyson massaged that sore spot for probably 30 minutes. IT DIDN'T WORK! Eventually I fell asleep but my back is STILL sore today. What the heck, man?! Pain meds, heat, and massage with no luck. Psh. Dumb.
I'm doing my best to stay calm and stretch my back. Child's pose is my life-saver. 

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