01 March 2014

Things I Am Grateful For Today

I'm feeling rather negative about my Business of Publishing group final project that is due tomorrow. I said so on Facebook, too. But I need to express my gratitude for a couple things and maybe that will help me feel better about life.

1. I am SO grateful for my choir. I love to sing and I rocked it at rehearsal on Thursday. We're singing some amazing Americana music. I can't wait to get the rest of our music, including a choral arrangement of Rhapsody in Blue! That's one of my favorite instrumental pieces so I can't wait to see what Brett Stewart has come up with. If you are interested in learning more about our choir, joining the local chapter, or coming to our concert on May 29th, visit our website here.

2. My new favorite radio station, Classical 89, played Camille Saint-Saens' 3rd Symphony for Organ on Thursday. This is my #1 favorite symphonic piece. I got to see the L.A. Philharmonic perform it a few years ago at the Disney Concert Hall. My dad and I had seats in the choir loft RIGHT behind the percussionists and the organist, who was literally lifting up off the organ bench playing this crazy chords. It was amazing. Listen to it here and see if you recognize the melody :)

3. Two weeks until I get to leave the country!! This is happening and this and definitely this.

4. I found something online that said to open the following three pages and listen to them simultaneously: rain, a warm fire, and jazz. You may need to adjust the volumes on each page to your liking. It also helps to open this page and pretend you are off on a UK adventure.

With the crazy weeks I've been having, #4 has made a serious impact in my stress levels. It's been raining here in Provo so instead of looking at that photo I can just gaze out my window and I instantly relax a bit.

5. The most important thing I'm grateful for this week is Tyson. Even after working a full-time job, he has taken the time to massage my angry muscles, hold me while I have a little mental stress-induced breakdown, make me go to sleep when it's 1am and I'm frustrated with my schoolwork, and play with William which gives me some extra time to study. He's been so understanding and loving.

I hope that all my friends in school can take a moment from the craziness to reflect on what you are most grateful for. It truly is the little things that can make a big difference.

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