20 June 2014

Year 2 of Grad School

I just got a video message from my graduate coordinator about my second year of grad school. The format for year 2 is a bit different. Instead of three semesters, there are four: Fall, Spring I (8weeks), Spring II (8weeks), and Summer. We are done with our required classes and now we're into our track and elective courses. This means that not every class is offered every semester. 
I am doing the editorial track with my elective courses coming from the design and technology tracks. All of those classes (15 credits) are only offered in Fall and the Spring terms. This means I will be done with my grad program by the end of April 2015.
Now, don't get me wrong. I'm glad that I'll be done sooner. But I'm already feeling tired after having hardly any break between my classes. Now I'll be jamming through 15 credits in two semesters. I probably won't be able to do my choir again (which breaks my heart) and I might have to quit my job come Spring semester. I just don't see how I will possibly have time to raise my family, do my classes, and work. Never mind church responsibilities, personal health and wellness, or anything else. I prayed really hard about doing this program and now I'm looking ahead at what seems to be the impossible. I'm feeling a bit of despair about the whole thing. It started off as such a positive experience but it has become more of a trial. I'm sure I'll be grateful to have a master's degree when it's all done but for now, I'm just pushing forward one day at a time.


Keola Kinghorn said...

I can't imagine how busy and overwhelmed you must feel, but you can do it Denise! Hang in there. You are one of my role models. I want to get my masters too and people like you give me hope.

Lindsey August said...

Is it possible that you could extend your program another year and break it up over 2 fall and spring semesters? It would take you longer, but maybe it would be worth it so you can keep your sanity, your job, and your choir for those 16 weeks. Plus, then you would get a break between the 2 years. Just an idea...I don't know how set you are on finishing quickly, or if your program will even let you do that. Good luck!