20 June 2014


I just watched my sister, Jane, have a seizure. She's on her way to Utah Valley Regional Hospital with my mom. She'll be fine; they just want to check her and make sure she doesn't have another one. 
About an hour ago Jane came to my mom and me saying she couldn't sleep. Her eyes were rolling around and her eyelids were fluttering. It was freaky. My mom told me that that's what my eyes look like sometimes.
For those of you who have known me, you know how my eyes sometimes flutter? I guess that's pre-seizure activity. Usually I can't tell when it's happening but after I had William it got worse. My eyes would flutter for so long it really freaked me out. Luckily, the more sleep I got as the days went on, the better my eyes got. 
I've never been tested for epilepsy. Both Nelson and Jane have it. I've thought about it but I'm afraid to find out the results. Especially because if you have a seizure your license is revoked for a period of time. In Utah, it's three months. In California, it's six.
I am glad that I was able to help my mom tonight and I am glad I now know what a seizure looks like and how to handle it. My brother lives with us and now I know what to do if he ever has a seizure.

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