30 July 2014

Nothing New To Say

I feel like I have nothing new to say about our life. But maybe if I just some things out I'll remember some stuff.


  • Starting special education preschool in the fall through Alpine School District. He has a speech delay and some social delays which make it really difficult for him to complete tasks in full. He'll go two days a week for three hours a day. A bus will come pick him up from our house and he's really excited.
  • Turns 3 at the end of August!
  • Shows no interest in potty training. Ever.
  • Likes to swim but doesn't like to wear a swimming suit. Since we have a little pool in our backyard he gets to go commando when no one else is around. Or when he's being sneaky and gets his clothes off before I can stop him.
  • Going back to school in the fall after taking a few semesters off. His academic adviser screwed up his schedule so he had to wait to take a prerequisite this fall before he could finish his senior courses. He'll only be doing two classes to help him ease back into things especially since one of the classes is Physical Molecular Chemistry, the hardest class in his major. He will be working 30 hours at Vivint instead of 40 but with only two classes he will have plenty of time to study.
  • Applied for an IT job at Vivint Solar. His current job is, in his words, "a glorified scheduler" and he'd prefer to do real IT work, which he's really fantastic at.
  • Will be done with his bachelor's degree by August 2015. He could be done in April but we're going to stretch it out a bit so he can still work because that's better for his sanity.
  • Starting my second year of grad school in a month. I'll be taking 3 classes in the Fall and 5 in the Spring (2 classes from January to the end of February; 3 classes from March to April).
  • Have a new calling as the Wolves cub scout den leader. I'm totally out of my element but the boys are sweet so it's been okay so far.
  • Work's the same. We did just hire a new secretary and he seems pretty cool. He served his mission in London so we have lots to talk about.
Other Family News
  • Tyson's sister Amber is home from her mission to Recife, Brazil! 
  • My dad had back surgery yesterday to remove a piece of broken disc that was pushing up against his nerves. The surgeon also sanded down the two discs that have been inflamed. He's home now and he doesn't have any more leg pain. Of course, his back is sore but he's in good spirits.
  • My sister Jane had a six-hour EEG on Monday. Since she's been home from her mission she's had a couple seizures after being seizure-free for over a year. It's worrisome and my mom doesn't want her coming back to school until she's got it under control. The EEG was to look for different brain activity than her last one and try to help her.
  • Mom's busy running people around, like normal.
  • Katie got her driver's permit!!!!!!! So weird.
We've been enjoying our summer. I've been especially enjoying the cooler, rainy weather the last two days. So there's some stuff about our family. 

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