21 August 2014

Short Trip

Two weeks ago my mom and sister Jane came to visit. Jane was the bridesmaid in a wedding but she can't drive because of her seizures so mom was being the chauffeur. It was great to have them here. My family has had quite the crazy few months. My dad had back surgery, Jane's been having seizures, and my mom keeps having moles removed because of her skin cancer. I knew things were tough at home since my mom was the only one who could drive so Tyson convinced me and my mom that me going to visit for a week would be perfect. And it was. I drove home with my mom and Jane and flew back to Utah a week later.
My main job was to entertain Jane and help drive when needed. This is what we did during the week: visit to the Getty Villa, Disneyland for Jane's birthday, saw Guardians of the Galaxy and Hercules, took Katie school shopping, went out to eat a bunch, attended a missionary homecoming party, went to a wedding open house, went to the Dodgers v. Brewers game, and had a dermatologist appointment. It was a lot of fun. My life is going to get really crazy soon. It was nice to have some time to just relax and have fun. 
I'm glad to be back home. I'm getting excited for my classes to start this week. But mostly I'm excited for William to start preschool on his birthday. He's going to love it!

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