12 September 2014

Our House

There has been quite a lot of construction going on in the house we are renting. What started off as a "replace the bottom part of the shower and shower pan" in the master bath, turned into a "Oh, the previous owner TAPED the tiles to the walls so we have to re-do the entire shower. And the shower pan is there but he cut a giant hole in the bottom." Then he was checking for water damage on the master bath ceiling because the previous owner had removed his satellite dish but just LEFT THE HOLE IN THE ROOF so it had been leaking. Then the pipes behind the toilet had also been leaking and we have black mold growing along the baseboards behind the toilet. 
In the downstairs bath, the tub alone was going to be replaced but there was a crack in the tub so the framework had rotted away. The piping behind the tub wasn't glued or anything. Just kind of stuck together so that all had to be replaced as well. One total gut of a bathroom later, the downstairs bathtub is back in but the vanity is a non-standard size a.k.a. no vanity for three weeks.
In William's bathroom the only thing we think that will need to be fixed is the ledge of the window in the shower. Instead of the tiles tilting in toward the shower so the water will drain back into the tub, the tiles slope toward the window which is causing the drywall to corrode. We are concerned that the previous owner tiled this bath/shower using tape like in the master bath. We won't know that until our handy-man pulls up the ledge tiles and that's the last job after the other two bathrooms are put back together. 
The three toilets are also being replaced. The only one left working right now is the one in William's bathroom.
Other things we've found out: the previous owner had no idea what he was doing. He did not get a permit for any of the work he did to the house (not surprising considering the terrible job he did). The roof was replaced but the edge tiles were not place correctly. When it rains the water isn't being flicked away from the house so the wood under the tiles is being saturated. It's been raining a ton here so that's bad news.
Hopefully the bathrooms will be back in working order by the end of next week, except for the downstairs vanity. The first few days this week were nuts with demolition which meant a ton of dust. My mom and sister have been here to supervise the project but after the first day my mom couldn't handle the dust so they had to check in to a hotel. 
Yikes. My mom has renamed this house "the money pit." Yup. That's pretty accurate. Luckily, when all the work is done and up to code it's going to be great and we're excited.

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