23 January 2009


14. Two weeks! I got a new job working for Independent Study in Registration. This means that I get to talk on the phone for three hours to lots of folks taking Independent Study courses, signing up people for EFY, Women's Conference and an assortment of other goodness at BYU. Today (Wednesday) was the last day of early registration for EFY 2009. Lesson learned: Don't procrastinate. When you do, don't get mad at the people who can't hack into computer systems to register your child for EFY after the end date.

13. Well folks, today is Thursday and I had an epiphany this morning right after work. This epiphany deserves its own post (which will be coming later, I promise) but for now I will say that I have gained a testimony of my patriarchal blessing. Five years ago, I had no idea how some of the experiences promised me would come to pass. And now, I do! Ah! It's all very exciting. Moral of the story: if you have your patriarchal blessing, read it more often. If you don't have yours yet, get it! Your blessing will impact your life in ways you could not even imagine.

12. While watching "Hook" with my roomies and friends I figured that the moral of this movie should be the moral of my day. Stay young at heart. Remember that family is the most important possession a person can have. If you make a promise, keep it. Have faith in yourself and in others to make the right decisions. Huzzah. "You're playing with us Peter!"


Laura said...

I talked to your mom last night. She told me a bit about #13 (I think). Cool! We need to get together sometime, so you can tell me all about it.

AZ Chadwick's said...

I talked to your mom this morning just a bit...way cool! I love all that you've said and good for you for "listening" with your heart! About the EFY thing....I KNOW that is sooo true. Good for you for keeping your cool or at least trying to!

Pretty fun news from Arizona huh? :-) Talk to you! Love you!