20 January 2009


18. Today I attended the University Chorale Retreat and I learned something from one of my directors about love. He shared with us the story of how he met and married his wife and let me tell you, it was like a movie! They got together and then she wasn't sure so they broke up. Then she went and served a mission and was completely convinced that they shouldn't even speak to each other. Three years later...they get married. Lesson learned: love is not always easy, even in Mormon-world. It takes sacrifice, personal change and deep commitment. The Lord knows what He is doing. We need to be patient and know that in time all things will work together as the Lord sees fit.

17. Yay for Church meetings! I was in meetings from 8-12pm, then had ward choir at 1:30pm, my music council meeting at 2:30pm, friends over for dinner at 6pm, ward prayer at 8pm, then home-teachers came over until about 10:30pm. Phew...busy day. In my ward I serve as the Music Council chair and I have the most wonderful, talented council ever! My co-chair, Matt, is also my hometeacher so I see him an awful lot. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Matt is one of the most talented individuals I have had the pleasure of working with and I'm thrilled that he is going to not only be working with me on our council, but also teaching and uplifting me spiritually as my hometeacher and my friend. Something we discussed in our council meeting really touched me. Elder Oaks has said that some people may have a hard time expressing spiritual feelings through speech. The hymns allow those individuals to express their deep conviction for the gospel. This is totally me! On Sunday on of my council members, Tobin, played a beautiful piano arrangement of "Abide With Me" that he made up on the spot. Serious talent. Anyways, I have learned to be more appreciative of the hymns and the quickness with which the Spirit comes into my heart when I sing those hymns.

16. Fulfill your church callings! Attend FHE and make an effort to reach out to those who are lesser known in the ward. I have the most wonderful hometeachers a girl away from home could ask for. After sharing a very well delivered message on the importance of the scriptures, our hometeachers hung around for an hour and a half discussing the joy and craziness brought on by dating and the prospect of marriage. In a singles ward, I think it is especially important for hometeachers to become friends with those they teach. That will increase the likelihood of us women-folk calling our hometeachers for a blessing or in some other emergency. If we only see you once a month, we won't feel comfortable asking you to take us to the emergency room or come give us a blessing at some ridiculous hour of the morning. Yay for Priesthood responsibilities!

15. I got to see my friend, Sister Jacque Johnson, tonight for about an hour. She flew in from Connecticut because she goes into the MTC tomorrow at noon. She will be serving in the Arizona Tempe Mission for the next 18 months, English speaking. (Shout out to my AZ family: if you meet Sister Johnson take her to Elmer's!) While I was being her surrogate companion for the evening I had the privilege of asking her how her preparations had been going. She confided to me that not everything was easy but now that it was so close, she could not wait to get going. Walking around without a name tag, she said, was weird. I know that missions change lives and that missionaries are blessed beyond measure for their faithfulness while they serve.

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