13 January 2009


Here is my post of things I've discovered over the course of, well, yesterday and a good part of today.

Day 22:
Often, the things we want to the most turn out to be the most difficult to obtain (or be patient enough to receive). I have found that as I continually turn to the Lord with my concerns and cares, my prayers are answered and my soul is comforted. Even though I was not thrilled about the direction my life was taking, I can honestly say that faith and patience (which is not a strong point for me) have allowed me to open my heart to the will of the Lord so that He can lead and guide me. Looking back over the past eight months I am surprised at how much my life has changed for the better. The journey was probably NOT one I would want to repeat but I'm grateful I survived.

Day 21:
If at all possible, go to devotional every week. At BYU-Idaho I went faithfully every week and since being at BYU I have not gone once. In my defense, I have been physically unable to attend as work has kept me far from the Marriott center or any other broadcasting location. Today's BYU Devotional was given by Jefferey R. Holland, member of the Quorum of the Twelve. My grammar teacher had our class discuss the Spirit during the devotional and from what I can gather, it was quite the experience. I am sad that I missed out on listening to one of the Lord's servants but I am deeply grateful for my job and for modern technology which will allow me to read the devotional sometime within the next week or so. Huzzah for the internet!

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Laura said...

Interesting thoughts on day 21. I was not a devotional attender until my last semester of grad school, after I came back from London. After that I went every week, and I learned the most amazing things. One of the talks was Elder Holland's talk on being confident (can't remember the title; it was reprinted in the Ensign). Talk about lasting impact and a life-changing message!