05 February 2010

Color Change

Okay, folks. I have changed my mind. After contemplating the theme and feel of my wedding and reception, I decided to change my colors in order to facilitate a more contemporary theme. I'm not a super flowery person so I didn't want my reception to be laden down by exquisite floral arrangements I couldn't appreciate. Especially because I know how much work that would be.

I like this look. And so does Tyson. So, new colors: white, green, and black. Happy! I like these flowers and the candles look good too. It's very contemporary but clean, funky, and fresh. What do you think?


Laura said...

Nice. But what were the colors before?

Rachel said...

I love this idea even more.

Denise said...

They were white and green with pink and yellow as accent colors. They're nice colors they just seemed too flowery.