01 February 2010

My weekend with Mother Dearest and Tyson

My mom came into town on Friday! We got so much done this weekend.
1) Got a wedding dress.
2) Got a temple dress.
3) Got a new digital camera.
4) Went to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory.
5) Booked our reception venue.
6) Saw the Bountiful Temple where Tyson and I are getting married.
7) Attended the Bridal Festival and got all sorts of free, fun stuff.
8) Ate lunch/dinner at the Mayan
9) Went swing dancing
10) My mom and Tyson came to church with me.
11) Went to my Aunt Robin's for dinner.

So, there you go. This was my weekend. I will NOT be posting pics of my dress because Tyson really wants to see it and I won't let him. Ha. But other pics will be in the next post.


Laura said...

You could at least e-mail pictures to a certain aunt who is, as you know, sitting in a corner and sulking.


Sherry said...

Yea..or text a picture!?!? Come on Denise...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!