05 June 2013

Toddler Bed

For a few weeks I have been scouring KSL and Craigslist looking for a toddler bed that met the following criteria:

1. Not a plastic "character" bed
2. Not a convertible crib
3. Solid construction
4. Less than $100
5. Relatively close to P-town (within 25 miles)
6. Could be used by future Remy children

It took a long time but last week I finally found one right here in town! A family was moving and the ad said they had moved the day before I found the ad. I took my chances and texted anyway. It was still available for sale! 

William and I went to look at it after his nap. Nice dark wood (I'm not a fan of pine. Blech.), easy to assemble, and it came with a mattress (which we don't need). Tyson was at work so I loaded and unloaded the bed pieces all by myself. William was still tired so he went down for a power nap. I took the opportunity to put the bed together because I was just really excited.

It didn't take me too long but I would have done it differently if I knew how all the pieces were going to fit together...or if I had the instructions. Good thing Tyson has a few Allen wrenches in different sizes!

William woke up and immediately crawled onto his new bed with Charlie and a nanny. 

(Terrible res but you get the idea.)

I moved the bed into his room but we waited for a few days to  take down his crib and put the bed into full use. On Sunday we cleaned William's room, took down the crib, and set up the bed. William has been doing well sleeping in the bed. I love it too! When he wakes up from a nap he just gets up and starts playing. No more crying! It is taking him a little longer to settle down at night but that's understandable.

Then last night happened.

At 3am I woke up because something was crawling on the bed under my covers. At first I thought I was dreaming but no. William had gotten out of his bed and he crawled up on my bed. My bed is rather tall. I had no idea he could even get up by himself! I put him back in his room and tucked him into bed. At 3:45am he woke up just screaming. I thought that maybe he needed his diaper changed but no. Tucked him back in. At 4:45am I could barely make my body move when William started crying again. Luckily, Tyson got up and grabbed him. They slept out on the couch all cuddled up. I am so tired. It's been a really long time since William hasn't slept through the night.

Tonight's plan: run William around all day until he is just really tired when it's time for bed. No sugar, no iPad play time. Hopefully it works. Wish us luck. I need my zzz's.

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Muffy said...

Hang in there! I hope he learns to sleep through the night in his new bed!