18 July 2013


This is not a body post. This is a food post. A dessert post, in fact. Yum.

I have a serious issue with sugar. Without going in to deep, it's something I crave and then chastise myself for "giving in" when I should have more willpower.

Well, I consider tonight's outing to the grocery store a willpower mini-victory. Three cheers!

See, I originally went to the store for two reasons: 1) we needed milk and bread and 2) I was craving sugar and we had cake mix but we only had that coconut frosting people like on German Chocolate cake (blech) and that wouldn't do so I needed a different kind. Big life problems, right?

I got bread, milk, bananas, cream cheese frosting, and then I passed a display of Hostess cupcakes, complete with a warning sign that said something like "Due to high demand, we have limited quantities of Hostess products. Sorry." So I grabbed a two pack of those cupcakes. I went to the ice cream aisle to look at the Skinny Cow ice cream treat selections. This time I picked the Fudge Bar. I meandered through the candy aisle and picked up a box of Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates: Caramel. 

As I went to check out I glanced at the calorie count for those Hostess Cupcakes: 330 for both cupcakes! Yikes. I didn't even like them that much. I stashed them with the gum at the checkout. The Fudge Bar is 110 calories and is pretty large. I haven't tried the candy yet but each pouch (three pieces to a pouch) is 130 calories. 

I feel proud that I put those cupcakes back and picked something a little bit better for me.

Baby steps, right?

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Deb said...

Congrats DD! Baby steps are the only way to start down the pathway that leads us to where we want to end up. How profound! :) Feel good girl and when add all those little changes up, plus your workouts, it makes all the difference. Well done! :) Love ya!