24 April 2014

OPAC: Day 1 - Brad Wilcox

In March, BYU put on the Office Professionals Conference (OPAC) and I got to attend all three days. I took notes at all the lectures I heard because they are all so good! These notes might not make a lot of sense but I'll try to flesh them out a bit. I took more notes at some of the lectures than others. I'll be sure to separate the notes into readable chunks.

Day 1

Brad Wilcox, BYU English Professor, "The Clown of God"

"My life is EPIC!" Are we grateful for all the blessings God has given us? Do we feel like our lives are epic?

How do we juggle our responsibilities without becoming tired?

The Clown of God by Tomie dePaola. Find it on Amazon.

Sharing our gifts gives glory to God.

Easy things become hard. Hard things become easy.

How do we handle our responsibilities?
For LDS people, simplifying isn't going to work. We already are down to pretty much the basics.
Priorities don't work either. They lead to guilt. Our family can't be our first priority always because we have to attend work to make money to feed our family. Church can't be our first priority always because we need to spend time with our family or go to work. Work can't be our first priority always because we need to spend time with family or attend a church meeting. See? Always with the guilt.

What motivates us?
Not money. Most of our activities are unpaid, including church service.
For helping people? People can be mean and ungrateful.
For recognition? That doesn't always work out.

We juggle for God.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland says that we need to maintain our relationship with God.
Listening to the Spirit will keep our priorities in the right order. The order changes day to day, hour to hour.

Would you rather feel tired and peaceful? Or feel well-rested and guilty?

The story of the sick woman who reaches out to touch Jesus' hem shows that Jesus knows His priorities. He stopped what he was doing to help this woman. In that moment, she was more important than anything else.

Just remember who you are juggling for.

Come unto Christ. Become like Christ.

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