28 October 2014

October Pack Meeting

I am the Wolf Den leader in our ward. Cub scouts, y'all. The Wolfs are the youngest boys and I only have two of them right now. Our ward is mostly old folks.
Our stake does this thing called "family week" where (usually) the first week after Fast Sunday there are no during-the-week meetings like mutual, scouts, relief society, etc. I say usually because sometimes it gets moved, like in November "family week" is the week of Thanksgiving. So for scouts, we do den meeting twice a month and then the other week is pack meeting. Now, before I got this calling I didn't know anything about scouting. I still don't know much. But I especially didn't know anything about cub scouts. I would have been 15 when my brother finished cub scouts so I'm pretty sure I wasn't paying any attention to him. It's been crazy to try and learn all this stuff and they are changing the program for cub scouts next year.
Anyways, for October's Pack Meeting, we had a guy from our ward who is a BYU Chemistry professor come and do some experiments for the boys. They loved it. He did liquid nitrogen, fire, explosions, elephant's toothpaste, chemically-made slime, and more. 

Tyson and I were in charge of doing homemade root beer with dry ice. Tyson's family does it every year and it's one of Tyson's favorite Halloween traditions. I was glad to do it for a whole lot of people so they would drink lots of it. And they did. The boys thought the dry ice was cool and everyone liked the root beer.

Since it is almost Halloween, we invited people to dress up in their costumes if they wanted to. A lot of people didn't but William and I sure did. Tyson came to pack meeting straight from work so he was off the hook.

William even made a new friend. The young women were having their mutual activity at the church tonight, too. I didn't get this girl's name but she and William are buddies now and she told me she would love to babysit him sometime. I gotta figure out who she is!
We had a lot of fun at pack meeting and I'm grateful for a calling that is stretching me instead of yet another music calling. It's nice to do something different for a change.

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