02 November 2014

Halloween 2014

I've always enjoyed Halloween. My family had some simple traditions that I've carried into my own family but I think my favorite part is dressing up. This probably goes back to a basic part of my personality: I've always been a bit dramatic. 
What can I say? I like to get dressed up in a costume and wear crazy red lipstick and fun eye shadow.
This year was the first time William knew what was going on. He was Scooby-Doo for Halloween and he loved wearing his little costume. We bought it before he broke his leg and I was glad it fit over the cast.
We carved pumpkins but we couldn't get William to reach in and help pull out the guts. Maybe next year.
 (William's "happy face" pumpkin)
(My pumpkin) 
(Tyson's pumpkin eating William's painted pumpkin)

Tyson's family has a party on Halloween every year so after work we headed up to do trunk-or-treat at the church with Tyson's parents, sister, and her three girls. Then we went to the house for chicken noodle soup in bread bowls (SO GOOD) and our party. My brother-in-law Josh couldn't come to the party but he made two pinatas for us: one for the kids and one for the adults. The little kids took turns hitting the pinata but they needed some help to bust it open. The adult pinata was reinforced with wood and HEAVY. We strung it up in the garage and took turns whacking it with a metal baseball bat. It was therapeutic. And fun :) Instead of candy, the adult pinata had numbered wood blocks inside which corresponded with dollar-store prizes. It was awesome!
On Saturday we did some clothes shopping for William and the new baby. Then my sister-in-law brought her girls over and we made molasses cookies and the kids helped to decorate them. It was so cute! They took it so seriously. These "pumpkin-face cookies" are a family tradition of mine. It was fun to share that tradition with Tyson's family. And they were a hit!
 We'll definitely have to do this again next year. We came back home tonight and it was freezing cold here. Brrr!! Guess winter is ready to come on in after the really warm October we've been enjoying. Only a few weeks until our Thanksgiving trip and then a few more weeks until Christmas. By the time Christmas gets here I will only have 6 weeks left until my due date. YIKES! So much to do!

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