14 November 2014

Sick William

Wednesday William started acting funny. His appetite was gone and he slept a TON. He would be playing and then just kind of sit there and do nothing for a while. I'd call his name and he wouldn't respond. He just sat there. Thursday he didn't want to wake up and then I knew something was up. I took a sick day and waited for him to wake up. He didn't have a temperature but he kept acting weird all day. Right when he woke up he was saying his mouth hurt. I thought he probably had dry-mouth so I gave him some water and he was fine.
At 6:00pm William and I got in the car to pick up Tyson from BYU. It takes about 15 minutes to make the drive. Half-way there William started crying. He said his mouth was hurting again and then, he puked all over himself, his car seat, and his blanket. From what I could see in the rear-view mirror, it was going to be quite the clean-up job so I didn't stop driving. I called Tyson and told him to get a ton of paper towels. William kept saying "Gross" and crying that his shirt was wet and gross.
When we got to BYU I remembered I had stashed baby wipes and diapers in the middle console between the front seats. I grabbed the wipes and got to work. It was nasty. After I cleared away most of the stuff from William's shirt and the car seat straps, Tyson pulled William out of the car, stripped him to his diaper, wrapped him in the emergency blanket from our kit in the trunk, and sat him in the front passenger seat with the heater going. I finished clearing out the car seat as best as I could (wipes and paper towels only), Tyson put William in a new diaper and a sweatshirt we found, and we drove to the mouth of Provo Canyon to our favorite urgent care. I wanted to make sure William didn't have the beginnings of strep or some other infection.
The doctor checked him out and William is fine. He may have a little stomach virus so we have him on a low-fat diet but he's not contagious or anything like that. And he's acting more normal with a still lesser-than-normal appetite. Last night I pulled the car seat apart so we could wash the cover and William's clothes. Tyson gave William a bath while I Clorox-wiped the rest of the car seat and the straps. I put the car seat back in the garage and doused it with a healthy misting of Febreze.
I'm glad William doesn't have anything serious. I'm glad I had some cleaning things in the car to take car of the immediate mess. And I'm glad we were able to take him to get checked out by the doctor so quickly.

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