02 July 2008

Captain's Log 24 June 2008 Hawaii Trip: Day 2

As I mentioned before, our original flight yesterday was cancelled. Currently I am sitting in a luxorious cocoon with a down duvet and pillow. We have not taken off yet but wer've already ordered dinner and drinks for later in the flight. First class is amazing! The seats recline fully into a bed and I have never had so much leg room in my life. Maitenience is checking a seat two rows in front of me. I suppose that since we're in First Class, all seats must be working properly before we can head out.

I am thoroughly enjoying my lounge chair, warm blanket and soothing atmosphere. For dinner I am having the following (Quoted from the menu):

To Begin
  • Tropical Mixed Nuts
  • Fresh seasonal Greens accented with Asparagus and Daikon Radish Ribbons, offered with a choice of Greek Vinaigrette or Spicy Oriental Dressing.

Main Course
  • Beef Filet: Teriyaki-glazed Filet of Beef accompanied by Broccolini, and Basmatic Rice with Ginger-Cilantro Pesto.

  • Vanilla Ice Cream with a choice of HOT FUDGE, Strawberry or Sweet Coffee Toppings, Whipped Cream and Chopped Walnuts

(Why do they capitalize all the ingredients?)

The rest of the flight went smoothly. We got our rental car from Avis and drove about forty-five minutes to Laie. We are staying in the upstairs condo of a home called Normz Place. We have a kitchen, living room, three bedrooms (two beds in each), and a bathroom. Nelson and I share a room. Its super cute and is within walking distance of the PCC, Laie Temple, BYU-Hawaii campus, and of course, the beach.

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