02 July 2008

Captain's Log 25 June 2008 Hawaii Trip: Day 3

It is eight in the morning here in Hawaii but since I'm still on California time I feel as though it is eleven. Dad, Jane and Katie already walked over to the beach just down the road. As a wake-up call we enjoyed a very loud and persistant rooster for many, many hours. Mum and Dad had picked up some breakfast items last night at FoodLand (Hawaii's SuperMarket) like cereal, bagels, cream cheese, and yogurt. In the kitchen there are tiny little bugs that are all over everything! It's pretty gross. We have to keep all of our food in the refrigerator.

Today we went looking for a superb snorkeling location called Shark's Cove. Never fear: no sharks. Unfortunately we were unable to find the cove so instead we went to Waimea Bay (just like in the Beach Boys song!!). The bay was very gorgeous and super calm. Being in the water was just like being in a giant swimming pool plus sand, spinner dolphins, fish, and sea turtles. On the west end of the bay was a huge rock that many people, including my borther, were jumping from into the water. Nelson ran into his friend Andy from back home. Andy and his older brother, Louie, came to Hawaii to visit a friend of Louie who lives in Waikiki. Seeing as how Waikiki and Waimea are on opposite ends of the island we were very lucky to have run into each other.

After the beach we ended inland to the Dole Pineapple Plantation: Home to the World's Largest Maze! Dad, Jane, Katie, and I tackled that maze and found all eight "secret" stations. From doing the maze in flip-flops I developed new blisters on my toes making it impossible to simultaneously wear shoes and walk. Let's just say it made the rest of the day real interesting.

Mum and I did Pick-A-Pearl. Mum let Katie choose her oyster and there were twins inside! So mum had them set as earrings. My oyster only had one pearl in it but its pink! I love it :D I had it set as a necklace and I cannot wait to start wearing it. Dad bought Nelson a beautiful ukulele for his upcoming birthday. Nelson is very talented at the ukulele; he has written some of his own songs.
I stayed up until almost eleven o' clock Hawaii time watching "Jon and Kate Plus 8." I don't even like that show! There are too many kids, a high level of stress, and it makes me scared to have kids haha Not really but having eight kids under the age of six? No thanks!

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Jane said...

Haha Pick-a-Pearl was fun. i wanted a black pearl but the lady said they were really rare. It's okay though because I got a huge pink one instead! And the Dole Whip was awesome. Yum!