02 July 2008

Captain's Log 29 June 2008 Hawaii Trip: Day 7

We got up at some ridiculous hour. No lie! Getting up before the rooster was both an accomplishment and a victory. Our flight left right on schedule at 7:10am. We landed at 3:30pm. By eight that evening we had done some laundry, re-packed, attempted to rest, and left for Arizona. Nelson, Jane, Jacob (our cousin), and Scott (Nelson's friend from Fountain Valley) are in Thatcher for EFY this week. We got to the Chadwick's at 3am. I immediately went to the room I knew I would be in and was asleep in moments.

This Hawaii trip with my family was very fun. I enjoyed spending time with my siblings and my parents. I love my family and am sad that I am not able to spend a lot of time with them other than on vacations. This was a nice break from the stresses of school, work, Church responsibilities, and social engagements but I am thrilled to be back in Utah for the summer.

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Ransom said...

Thatcher for EFY! That's, like, 2 miles from my house!