02 July 2008

Captain's Log 26 June 2008 Hawaii Trip: Day 4

Today Dad, Nelson, Jane, and I did baptisms in the Laie, Hawaii Temple; it was a very interesting experience. The font is upstairs, which makes no sense to me. I thought that all the fonts were under the ground. The architecture reminds me of the Mayan and other ancient South American cultures. I know they are not the same as the Polynesian cultures. I'm just saying that their architecture looks similar.

The Polynesian Cultural Center was awesome as usual. I have a friend that is going to BYU-Hawaii and working at the PCC for the summer. I was hoping to see her there but I couldn't find her. We met an older couple from Newhall, California and a man who served as a missionary in our home ward for three months twenty years ago. He remember some of the people who are still in our ward. His name is Brother Mahoni.

After eating dinner at one of the buffets, we walked around the villages even though they were all closed for the evening. We stopped to take random pics. There was a group of youth practicing for what looked like a dance or some filming or something. The area they were in was roped off with Police tape.

We ended the evening by watching the Horizons show. I love watching this show! Most of it was the same from when I had been there before but there were some slight changes. My favorite is still the Tahitian dancers. It blows my mind that some girls can shake their hips like that! It looks so difficult! Props to them haha

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