16 March 2010

Sugar Free Weeks

As part of my push to be healthier, I have given up eating sugar during the week. Do you have any idea just how hard this is?! Gah! Well, I was given some recipes by the folks at BYU's Y-Be-Fit and Tyson and I decided to try one this afternoon. The first recipe we tried was "Apple Oatmeal Cookies." No sugar. Honey, yes. But pure, granulated sugar? No. We were pretty skeptical about the yumminess of no-sugar cookies that have apple in them but we pressed forward with faith. Once we got past the weirdness of the honey-egg-butter-vanilla mixture, we added the whole wheat flour-cinnamon-baking soda homogeneous solution* and then the apple pieces and voila! Tyson was willing to take one for the team and tried the dough. LOVED IT! So besides smelling like homemade oatmeal with apple slices, it actually tastes good! Okay, so the dough tastes good. But what about the finished product? Delicious! Success on a Tuesday afternoon. In Tyson's words: "This whole sugar-free thing may not be so bad after-all."

*I described the dry mixture as a homogeneous solution because I could not think of another synonym for mixture and Tyson and Edwin (our friend who is also a chemical engineering major) decided that homogeneous solution was the perfect term. There you have it.

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Tiffany said...

You are so good for doing the sugar free thing.

So can we get the recipe for these delicious treats? I'd love to try them!