04 March 2010

164 Days

So I'm not getting married until July 16. Instead of 60 something days I now have 100 extra days to wait to be sealed to my love. Turns out that by not taking classes this spring, I wouldn't be able to graduate next April. LAME. In an attempt to be more academic, finish school, get a real job, and support Tyson through the next four years of pain and suffering (aka the Chemical Engineering major) we decided that I must take Spring classes. What does this mean? No May wedding. And June didn't work for anybody. What does that leave us? July. We're getting married 11 days before Tyson's birthday. I was kind of upset about that because I happen to adore birthdays, especially my own. But sweet Tyson isn't as attached to his birthday as I am to mine. I was feeling pretty down about this whole move-the-wedding thing when Tyson's mom listed some fun perks to being married in July.
1) It's not on Mother's Day!
2) Our pictures will not be filled with nature-killing snow and coldness!
3) She gets to take a vacation to California! Woot!

In other news, I'm still trying to figure out where Tyson has planned for us to go on our honeymoon. This is what I know:
1) The plane ride is at least 12 hours long.
2) It is not Southern England.
3) It is not London.
4) We will not have to worry about communicating with the local people.

I'm trying to guess but it's basically killing me to not know. Gah.
Other excitement: I learned how to do wings in my tap class. Don't know what wings are? Click here. Mind you, I'm not nearly as good as this lady but I can get all three sounds! Don't think they look that hard? Then YOU try them. They're hard. Trust me.
Also, Tyson's brother had surgery yesterday for appendicitis. Scary! All went well and they expect to only keep him in the hospital over-night and possibly tomorrow. (A, I'm glad you're alive!!)
Well, that's all for now. More pics to come. Promise.

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JONESIES said...

Where did Tyson go on his mission and does he know any other languages?