15 June 2010

30 Days!

We have thirty days until we get married. Yay! We have been waiting for so long for this day to come; I can't believe it's actually getting here. This is my life for the next thirty days:

This week
Finals, work, get temple recommend from Bishop
Next week
Starting working from 7:30am-2pm, get temple recommend from Stake President
Wednesday, June 30
Chantel and Josh's wedding
Wednesday, July 7
Last dress fitting, pick up dress, drive to California
Thursday, July 8
Bridal Shower in California
Saturday, July 10
Receive my endowment and party at our Open House
Sunday, July 11
Drive back to Utah
That Week
Work, do bridals at some point, hang with my siblings and mom, stuff bags of candy for the reception in Bountiful
Friday, July 16
Wedding Day!!

So really, if we can just get to Chantel and Josh's wedding, the time will fly by! The next two weeks will be interesting because I'll be working 7:30am-2pm and Tyson will be working 3pm-midnight which gives us one hour a day to talk. Awesome. Anyways, here's to the last thirty days. Masel Tov!

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