22 June 2010

FHE/Date Night

Last night, Tyson asked me on a date for FHE and we had such a good time! We went to the Mayan for dinner because Tyson loves it there. Our little two-person table ended up being surrounded by other bigger tables that were empty so we had a section all to ourselves. We had a great time laughing, enjoying the setting of the Mayan, and eating delicious food. YUM!
After dinner, we saw Toy Story 3 in 3D at the Jordan Commons Megaplex. If you have never been to this movie theater, you are missing out on a movie-going extravaganza. Every time I walk in the doors I feel like I've stepped into the NYNY Hotel in Las Vegas. Never been there? It's fun. Anyway, Toy Story 3 was awesome. I loved it. Andy was super precious and the little girl, Bonnie, was freaking adorable. I enjoyed the whole Barbie and Ken drama because it was just silly. I'm glad that movie ended how it did. Please go see this movie. It's wonderful. If I were to rate movies on successfulness of sequels, Toy Story would be number one. Shrek, LOTR, and Harry Potter would be up toward the top of the list. However, I haven't seen the new Shrek and if it's bad, Shrek may go down in the lists. Land Before Time and Pirates would definitely be near the bottom. What do you think?

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