22 June 2010

First Book of Summer

Technically, I have already read many fiction books since Winter semester ended but, seeing as how I was reading them for a fiction editing CLASS, they don't count. The first book I will be reading this summer out of pure choice is The Greek Coffin Mystery by Ellery Queen. My friend Emily lent this book to me and stated that it is the best mystery novel she's ever read. Now, I love murder mysteries. My favorite authors are Agatha Christie, Mary Higgins Clark, and Janet Evanovich. I am by no means a mystery authority but I have read quite a few mystery novels. I look forward to reading this thriller and making my own opinions about it. Hopefully, I will agree with Emily. I love when my friends recommend books to me and I end up loving them. It's a happy moment, indeed.

Here is the first paragraph of this most promising mystery.

From the very beginning the Khalkis case struck a somber note. It began, as was peculiarly harmonious in the light of what was to come, with the death of an old man. The death of this old man wove its way, like a contrapuntal melody, through all the intricate measures of the death march that followed, in which the mournful strain of innocent mortality was conspicuously absent. In the end it swelled into a crescendo of orchestral guilt, a macabre dirge whose echoes rang in the ears of New York long after the last evil note had died away.

What fine, and beautiful usage of language! LOVE.

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