27 March 2013

A Post About William: Active and Adorable

William is now 19 months old. Can you believe it?! He's so fun. We love him a bushel and a peck ;)

I'm not very good at taking pictures but here are some from February. Our friends Kyle and Shea came over for dinner and brought us a DELICIOUS turtle pie (minus the turtle). There was one slice left and we thought it was safe on the kitchen counter.

Turns out, William is growing. In fact, today at his 18-month check-up (yeah, I'm a month late) he measured in at 34.5 inches tall (92%), 29.6 pounds (87%), and a head circumference of 19.5 inches (88%). I'm sure glad his head wasn't that big when he was born.


As you may have guessed, William got that piece of pie and helped himself. And he loved it.

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