11 March 2013

Weird Sleep Habits and Productivity

Ever since I had William my sleep schedule has been completely messed up. There will be days when I have to go to bed at 8pm. Then there are nights like tonight when it's 1am and I'm not even close to being tired. This whole no-sleep-needed-tonight thing is the worst. Although, I try to use that time to be productive: do dishes, fold laundry, sweep. All my dishes are done but our bedroom floor is covered in clean clothes. I'm the worst at putting clean clothes away. I just don't like it at all. I think tonight I'll watch some Dr. Who and start working on the mountainous pile. It's so much easier to do chores when William is sleeping.
I will say that I'm working at being better at this. Since I'm 18 months post pregnancy I decided now would be a great time to re-evaluate my wardrobe situation. I still had some maternity clothes in there, some pre-preggo clothing that was making me depressed, and some stuff I just don't wear. I pulled out the maternity stuff and put it in a space saver bag under my bed. The pre-preggo clothing and most of the "stuff I don't wear" clothes went to Deseret Industries (kinda like Goodwill or Salvation Army). My closet and dresser are much happier and I feel better about getting dressed in the morning because I'm not being haunted by clothing that is two sizes too small.
I've also recently gone through William's wardrobe and done the same thing. Although most of his too-small clothes get put in bags to be saved for a future kiddo (far in the future. sorry, mom). Some of the items that I never really liked or that needed some extra TLC got donated.
Now I need to get Tyson in on the action. That man has like EIGHT pairs of jeans. I have two. It's absurd. It is physically impossible to put all of his clothing away. It just doesn't fit in our closet and dresser. Lots of it is too small stuff that he just hangs on to because it's just a little bit too small. Lucky for me, his BYU job requires him to wear a collared shirt so the polo to t-shirt ratio is improving :) I know most of what fits and doesn't fit him so maybe I'll just separate it for him and then be like "Here's all the stuff that doesn't fit you. Let's help the needy! Donate!" It'd be nice to have less clothing in our life. I'll continue my reasoning for that in another post.

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