23 January 2015

38 Weeks

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant. At my appointment this morning the doc measured me at 2cm dilated and still 50% effaced. So, not a lot of improvement despite the contractions I was having on Wednesday. The good news is that this gives me more time to jam on schoolwork and to recover from this ridiculous cold before baby gets here. My mom is also sick but she's got it way worse: pneumonia. Maybe baby will wait until my due date and then my mom will be cleared for travel! 
My cold continues to be awfully irritating. I was given permission to take Tylenol Cold meds so I'm definitely doing that on top of all the other things I've already been doing: nasal irrigation, steam, hot showers, cough drops, SARS mask, and tea with honey. I really hope there starts to be some improvement. Doc says I probably just have the viral cold (they really haven't seen much of the bacterial cold) but that if I can't beat it back I may pick up something worse. I DEFINITELY don't want that. 
Tyson couldn't sleep last night. He's been having some weird stomach pain but since he's allergic to aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAID) he's really limited in the medicine he can take. No Pepto Bismol. No Alka Seltzer. No Ibuprofen. It's sad. Anyways, he couldn't sleep so at 3am he was up and cleaning the house. He picked up all of William's toys from the front room, cleaned William's bathroom, organized our medicine cabinet, and ran some laundry. This afternoon we deep cleaned the living room, granted, we were looking for my cell phone, but at least the room is done! Our next project will be our room which really shouldn't be that bad.
Construction continues in the basement. The drywalling is done. I'm not sure what they were doing today but I'll be glad when the "construction" phase is over so the dust will go away. Installing cabinets and appliances and tiles shouldn't create that much dust. I'm having such a hard time breathing lately with my cold and I don't think the construction is helping anything. Tonight I'm going to set up the humidifier in my room and, if my brother isn't sleeping here tonight, I might borrow his air purifier and see if that will help me sleep. It feels like I'm breathing chemicals. It burns! Le sigh. Soon this baby will be here and I'll be able to take lots more meds to fight back this illness.

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