20 November 2009

Best Day Ever

I woke up yesterday knowing that I was going to have an AMAZING day. Don't ask me why I knew, but I was certain that nothing could get me down. Work was nothing out of the ordinary. I was stressing about my tap test and I had to teach Lesson 3 from "Preach My Gospel" in Mission Prep later. My tap test went perfectly! I didn't mess up once and I even had to improv for 16 counts at the end. I'm so pleased with how it went. I attest it to the late-evening practice that happened the night before in my kitchen (See previous post). Mission prep was wonderful and Spanish wasn't too bad either. I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things and got two cards in the mail from my mom.
The rest of the day was as close to perfection as I can think. I spent the rest of the night with my friends Will, Courtney, Kelcy, and Matt who all were on my Study Abroad with me. In-N-Out opened in Orem so we HAD to eat there for dinner. We got there at about 5:30pm and here was the line.

The line moved fairly quickly and we booked it back to my place to eat up. I sent the above picture and a picture of my cheeseburger to my brother who is attending college in Hawaii. In response I received the two following messages: "You are so lucky." "I hate you." Might seem harsh, but those were the desired/sought-after responses. Love you, bud!
We then went to see BYU's production of "Children of Eden." You may not be familiar with this musical but I'm sure you already know the story line. Act 1: Creation/Fall/Cain-Abel. Know them? Genesis, anyone? Act 2: Noah's Ark. We sat on the very front row and had a blast! The music was incredible, the colors were vibrant, the dancing was fun, and the animals were friendly to say the least. And I know I probably shouldn't but I have a celebrity crush on Cain. He's on the right in the picture below. The song he sings, "Into the Wilderness," was one of my favorites. I know he's not a particularly good guy, but man, can he sing!

I also really like the second Act of the show, in general. Momma Noah (as we've come to call her) sings this incredible gospel-esque number when the dove returns with the olive branch. It was a dance party! I think my friends and I liked this particular number because it reminded us of the end of "As You Like It" that we saw at the Globe Theater in London. They also had a little dance party. I love when shows end like that! Anyways, it was great. We loved it. So we're going again.

By that time it was almost 10:40pm so I didn't go Blues dancing like I hoped, but I still got to have one dance with my friend and started to work on some homework. I am going to spend tonight getting ahead for the last few weeks of school. This will be especially important because I'm going to Logan on Saturday and won't be back to Provo until Sunday night. Post about that little trip will be forth-coming. Don't you fret.
Anyways, I don't know why, but I got home last night and could not stop SMILING. And not just a "Oh, I'm content and peaceful about how lovely this day has been." This was a full-on, giddy about life, teeth and all smile. I don't get it! It was like spending a day with my favorite people in the world had somehow made the awfulness of the past few months vanish into nothingness. And for that, I am extremely grateful.

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