17 November 2009

Very, Very Sneaky

Tonight I planned on doing homework in the library on campus. I caught a ride to campus with a new friend and he informed me that the Chemical Engineering Computer Lab is a party and that we should go there to do homework. Walking in to the Clyde Building always freaks me out a little. Mostly because it's the Engineering building and therefore chalk full of men. In fact, it's so full of men that women's restrooms are missing on some levels. Now that's intense if you ask me. Anyway, we get to the computer lab (complete with 10-digit keypad + secret combo to get in) and get started on homework. Now, I am NOT a Chemical Engineering major. In fact, I shudder to think of anything scientific or mathematical. Ick. I felt just a touch out of place doing my Mission Prep and Old English homework in such an obviously SCIENCE-y atmosphere. In the end, I had a great time doing homework, discussing which LDS temples were cooler looking than others, trying to be quiet, and completing all my Mission Prep quizzes for the rest of the semester. Holla!


Amy said...

Sounds like you found a great place to "study."

Laura said...

I always think the CB smells like engineers: stinky boys who think more about math than about personal hygiene. Ick! :-)

Sherry said...

"new friend...he...." Hum? Sounds like a fun place to be. :-)