23 November 2009

Swing Charity Ball

This weekend was pretty fantastic. On Saturday, I went to a Swing Charity Ball up in Hyrum with Tyson, Lindsey, and Steven. Lindsey and I made the boys dinner and we took pictures at my apartment before we left. Lindsey's roomies were our photographers and the end result was some pretty High-School-esque looking photos. But I think they're great.

From Left to Right: Tyson, me, Lindsey, Steven
These pictures make me laugh everytime I look at them.
Hyrum is about 2 hours away from Provo so we had a good time singing along to my iPod, chatting, and being, overall, very silly whilst driving up to the dance. The dance itself was amazing! It was held at Elite Hall: a ballroom with a sprung floor. It was fun to watch the USU and BYU Swing teams perform and see the floor bouncing along with them. The live band was great and a lot of my swing friends from BYU were there too.
Because Hyrum is so far away, Lindsey and I stayed the night at her Grandparent's home and the boys stayed with Tyson's family. Lindsey Grandmother is a gourmet chef and invited us all to their family Thanksgiving dinner Sunday night. Holy cow. Best food I've had in a long time. The mashed potatoes were beautiful. I know that sounds like a silly thing to say but really. She took the potatoes, mashed them, and then used a cake icing funnel to put them back in their skins. End effect: beautiful mashed potatoes. Tyson had to spend some time with his family so while he was gone, Lindsey, Steven and I shared cheesecake, apple pie, black cherry pie, pumpkin upside cake, and fruit. When our fundus' were thoroughly full, Lindsey and Steven played a few rounds of checkers while I took a little nap.
It was a lot of fun to spend the weekend with such good friends. Sunday afternoon we went back to the church building to play on the piano. We found a Primary songbook and a Hymn book. Needless to say, four-part hymn and Primary song singing took place for the better part of an hour. These boys can seriously sing! Lindsey and I aren't too bad either. We all got back to Provo at about 10 pm after braving the snow in the canyon and almost dying in all the ridiculous construction in North Salt Lake. Props to Tyson for being an excellent driver, fantastic conversationalist, and getting us all home safely.


Laura said...

Sounds like fun! So, what's the story with Tyson? Is this CB boy?

Denise said...

Um...yes. Tyson is CB boy :) I will have to tell you the story sometime. It's pretty fun.