08 February 2012


I am not good at writing consistently in a journal or on this blog. But this week I've started writing in my journal just about everyday. Sometimes I just feel over-whelmed and instead of acting out on those feelings I write until I run out of things to say.
It's interesting that I will start writing because of one thing but keep writing about lots of other things. Tyson and I have been going to the BYU Counseling Center for a marital check-up (it's for his Marriage Enhancement classes. He has to write a paper on the experience) for the past two weeks. The first time the counselor asked us to tell her our dating-engagement-marriage story. I personally LOVE our story and love telling it to anyone who will listen. This last time she had us do an activity called sculpting. We took turns using the items in the room to "show" what different parts of our history were like for us. For the "when you met" time, I took two chairs, faced them toward each other, and stood in between them. One chair represented marriage to the boy I was dating before Tyson and the other chair represented serving a mission. Anyways, the activity was weird at first but it showed some differences in how Tyson and I perceive things in our marriage. I have always been fascinated by these types of things: personality types, communication styles, etc. It's fun to apply this stuff to Tyson and me and our marriage.
From writing in my journal and going to this marital check-up, I've found a few things about myself that I want help understanding and resolving. This first year and a half of our marriage has challenged us beyond what I ever imagined. I'm proud to say that we are stronger for these trials. I am going to continue meeting with our counselor one-on-one in the hopes that she can help me understand some things and give me tips on how to change other things. It doesn't matter what those things are but I'm looking forward to becoming a better, more peaceful person.

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