24 February 2012

To Wil Wheaton

Do you know who Wil Wheaton is? He was in Star Trek, Eureka, and some other stuff. Nerds like him. Well, what you may not know is that his parent's are my parent's neighbors. Yup. My "hometown" just got way cooler.
Once upon a time, when I was living at home, maybe during high school but it may have been in the summer after my freshman year of college, my parents went out of town. I wanted to have a get-together with all my church friends. Yes, CHURCH friends. My parents said that was okay as long as we had an adult chaperon. Annalise's dad volunteered :D
My parents have a fire pit in the backyard so we started up a little fire and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows while we sat around chatting and having a good time.
Just as a note, from our backyard the street next to the house is clearly visible, as is the Wheaton's home.
Suddenly we see a firetruck pull a U-Turn on the street above the house. We all were wondering what was going on when the doorbell rang. Annalise answered the door and the firefighters asked if she lived there. She said No, and came to get me. I told them, "Yes, I live here. Yes, my parents are out of town...why are you here?" Wil Wheaton's parents had called the fire department on us! Apparently, they were concerned that we had started a fire that could have caused a wildfire (WHAT?!) and since they knew my parent's weren't home they called the authorities. Awesome. Right as the firemen were about to start lecturing me, Annalise's dad comes to the door and says "How can I help you, gentlemen?" Needless to say, the firemen were a little surprised to this an old man in the house. I informed them that he was our adult supervision and a lawyer and everything was under control. So they left.
Now, at the time it was just a silly story that made me feel sort of like a rebel, but now that I actually know who Wil Wheaton is and I think he's a fabulous actor, it's such a better story!
I'm sure he'll never read this but just in case...
To Wil Wheaton,
Your parents are awesome. I loved you in Eureka. If you ever go visit your parents, stop by my parent's house (my dad is a Trekkie). I don't even know if your parents remember this story, but I sure do. They turned a simple party into a story that I'll never forget, and let a churchy girl feel like a rebellious teen.


Jane said...

We are so well connected. People just don't know that. Haha :) I forgot about the bonfire incident... I don't think I was there but that's pretty funny.

Laura said...

Ha! That's hilarious! You rebel, Denise.