12 September 2012

Being Brave

Do you know Pinterest? In my spare time (bahahaha) I peruse the plethora of pins (alliteration, much?) for things to do with William, dinner inspirations, holiday ideas, and fashion stuffs. I call most of those items my "If I were brave..." items. You see, something happened after I had William. My ability to be brave in clothing and style vanished. I don't know where it went but all of a sudden I don't feel like me anymore. I'm sure it has to do with my post-baby body and the fact that breastfeeding did NOTHING to help me lose the baby weight. Everyone told me things would go back to semi-normal but I am still one pant size away from my pre-baby size (not weight) and despite my many hours at the gym, nothing has changed. Pouty face.

In my attempt to come to terms with my new post-preggo body I donated a ton of stuff from my closet and even had to part with some of my most favorite shoes because my toes got longer. (Okay, technically, just my second toes got longer which means I either have to wear pointy shoes or open-toes shoes all the time.)

Tyson has been so supportive. He loves me the way I am and constantly compliments me even when I feel like this:  
(me post-workout)
It's been hard. It's been a long process. It started with getting rid of my pre-preggo clothes that did not fit. Then I put all my maternity clothes away. Now I'm slowly buying new, super cute items that I love and will wear a ton.
I bought a skirt at DownEast Basics Outlet Store for $25, originally $40. I wanted it in navy but the "carmel" color has forced me to be adventurous and it's working. I think I wear this skirt at least three times a week. They should have made WAY more of these skirts 'cause I think I would've bought all four patterns if they had been available.
I bought some shirts (cream, turquoise, and purple) at Target for $7/shirt. Yay for clearance!

I found a rose colored shirt at Maurice's, a Utah/Idaho store that is pretty hit-and-miss for me. It took me awhile to find this shirt, but I did. I own a lot of pink so I'm trying to get out of that and into some other, bolder colors, but this is more rose, so that's okay, right?
This all started before my friend's wedding. I was the maid-of-honor and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and buy some new things. I found a super cute pencil skirt at JC Penny's for $22 (NORMAL PRICE! Love their new pricing.) and two different black shirts at DownEast. Tyson's mom bought the shirts for me which I was not expecting but I am still so grateful! 

I found some cute pink sandals before the wedding at Forever Young Shoes and some other hot-pink sandals at Maurice's. Remember: I am slowly replacing my old shoes that I cannot wear anymore with new shoes. It's difficult because I LOVE the rounded-toe style. It just doesn't work for me now :(
Well, I'm trying very hard to be brave and confident again, like I used to feel. Here's to self-confidence!


Tiffany said...

I understand this so well! I was so upset with my post pregnant body. It took me years to deal with so you're lucky that you can deal and move on. Unfortunately for me the pre pregnant body isn't coming back. Ever. On the plus side I now have some awesome curvy hips! Gotta look at the good stuff, right? And I think you always look adorable!

Denise said...

Aww, thanks, Tiffany! I'm not totally dealing with it; I have my moments. And I already had the hips but now I've got other assets that I try to view positively :)