24 September 2012

Tyson - The Fridge Master

Tyson is a man of many talents. He is a genius, he is super funny, he has the biggest heart ever, and he is a Fridge Master. He has the amazing ability to make any amount of food fit into our freezer no matter how much space we do or do not have available. It's gotten to the point where I don't even try to put groceries away in the freezer because I can NEVER get them all to fit. Tyson is an amazing problem-solver. His mind is perfectly attuned to puzzling and solving. It's really quite incredible. This talent extends beyond the freezer. He used this gift to help me rearrange our food storage and utilize the space under our bed for all sorts of things we use only rarely (think camping equipment, maternity clothes, etc.)
I am sure grateful for a hubby who is clever and much more puzzle minded than I am. Our kids are going to be fabulously well-rounded.

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Muffy said...

Yep, Tyson is awesome! He has an awesome wife too!