26 September 2012

I'm Collegiate

Tyson is taking a course titled "Foundations of Global Leadership." It's required for his major, that's why he's taking it. He had to read a book and write a paper discussing what the book taught him about leadership. The book Tyson read was "Pathfinders: A Global History of Exploration". Sounds pretty nifty, right? So I was helping Tyson out by making up a little outline and fancying up his writing and I came up with the greatest introduction paragraph I think I've ever written:
From the chapter titles alone, I could tell that “Pathfinders: A Global History of Exploration” was a book inspired by action. Words like StretchingReachingConnecting, and Deepening illustrate the contents of their respective chapters and give a description to the pioneers within. This book takes a new look into the explorative history of guided visionaries since the beginning of mankind and from all corners of the globe. These recitations expanded my understanding of leadership qualities by reviewing the forces that encouraged, drove, and inspired exploration. The pilgrims memorialized in this novel showed leadership through qualities such as innovation, determination, and perseverance.

Yes. That happened. So glad that I graduated from a top-level university so I can help my hubby have sweet sounding papers. Shazam.

PS A quick side note: this is my 200th post. What?!


Jane said...

Happy 200th! If I ever need help on papers I am coming to you. I always have the worst time with conclusions. Introductions are pretty hard too, but not as bad.

Matt McDonald said...

Whoa. I think you started your blog after I started mine and you have blown me out of the water. :)

Muffy said...

200th! Congrats! Nice sounding introductory paragraph too. :D