12 September 2012

Two down, two to go

Winter semester was rough on our little family. Really, really rough. Tyson ended up taking Incompletes in four out of five classes which means that he could continue to do the homework and such over the summer. Two of those classes were due in August and two are due in April. Tyson finished the work for all four classes!!!! I am so proud of him. He still has a paper and two tests to take but that all isn't even due until April. Tyson worked so hard to finish up these classes; I wish he could have a summer break now!
Luckily, the next four semesters should be pretty laid back in comparison. This and next semester he's taking 12 credits each, and the last two semesters he'll only have 10 required credits each semester. His advisor MESSED UP his schedule so he can't condense these classes into fewer semesters. We hope that it will be better this way. Now that we have an extra summer in Provo, Tyson will be applying for internships for the summer. We already have some opportunities we're looking at. I hope he can find something in Utah, but if not I'm in for one lonely summer.
Anyway, I'm just so proud of Tyson for overcoming his health and academic challenges.
I love you, honey!

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