16 May 2013

All Things Hereditary

Whenever I am feeling sick I call my mom because she has most likely had (or still has) whatever I am experiencing. This is mighty convenient when the internet has failed or frightened me. But it's also a little worrisome. My mom has some pretty significant health issues that I really don't want: allergies to everything, fibromyalgia, and skin cancer to name a few. I think I am probably safe from skin cancer since I have never laid out or gone tanning since I burn s

Anyways, I went to the doctor yesterday for severe heartburn and extreme tiredness. I was prescribed something for heartburn and they took some blood to check for anemia and thyroid problems. Of course, heartburn issues run in my mom's family. No word yet about the blood tests.

Tyson and I were talking about this whole hereditary illness thing last night and he told me that before he proposed to me he prayed about it. He knew my mom had lots of health issues and he figured they might get passed on to me. That surprised me. I guess it's nice to know that no matter what health stuff gets thrown my way, Tyson is prepared to help me just like my dad has helped my mom.

I think that's pretty great.

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