09 May 2013

What I Did At the Gym Today: Installment 1 of 1

My brother is a trainer at Gold's Gym so I get all the free help I want since I'm his older sister and that's how life works.

He wrote up a workout plan for me and taught me how to use a bunch of the free-lifting equipment and helped me realize that I will probably NEVER be able to do the bench press on my own. Ever.

Here's something else he taught me: hyperextensions.

That's what they look like but it made me feel like this:

I informed Nelson that I've re-named that exercise Mermaids instead of hyperextensions.

P.S. I did 10 with just body weight, then 10 more holding a 10 pound weight. MY LOWER BACK HATES ME. But this is good because since having William my lower back has been such a sissy.

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