02 May 2013

Grad Classes

Disclaimer: now that I have been accepted to grad school, do not be surprised when many of my posts are GWU related. I view this blog as my un-journal so I'll write about whatever the heck I feel like, even I've posted about it a million times.

I registered for my first grad school course last week: Book and Journal Publishing. Doesn't that sound awesome?! I can't believe this is happening. In my personal map of life (which we all know never works out unless it's what God wants for us) I NEVER planned on grad school. Ever. EVER.

The idea of writing a thesis paralyzed me with fear and premature writer's block. This program does not have a thesis which is in the top-5 reasons I applied.

Today I found out something else cool about my classes: they don't follow the regular on-campus schedule. My class goes from Monday, August 26 to Monday, November 18. Happy birthday, mom!


Seriously, you guys.

For my first two trimesters (GWU is on a trimester schedule like BYU-Idaho) I plan to do part-time or 5 credits which is the standard for this program. It was designed like night school since most of the people in it are already working full-time. Once Tyson graduates school I would LOVE to go full-time and finish early. 

I am hoping to have my program done before we have another kid (this is not an announcement) because I can't fathom having a newborn and a toddler and trying to finish a master's program. I know some people do it. The only way I could do it is if we live near our family so we can have help watching the kiddos.

Book and Journal Publishing is a 3-credit class so I get to pick one more for the fall. There are three I am trying to choose from and I can't decide! Here are my options: 

Book Design (2 credits): This course will introduce students to the book design process, and its relationship to the editorial, production, and marketing departments.The components of book design: typography, composition, page layout, illustrations, photo-editing, and printing will be covered, including the use of templates, grid systems, and current layout programs.

Fundamentals of E-Publishing (2 credits): This course will explore the similarities and the differences between traditional and electronic publishing, with focus on practical issues faced by electronic publishing at this point in its evolution.

Editorial Content, Rights, and Permission (2 credits): In this course, students will explore how editorial content is developed and obtained and its relationship to the rights and permissions process. Included is exposure to the decision-making process in terms of reconciling distribution of content for both revenue and non-revenue purposes.

The first two are part of the required core classes so I might have to pick between those if I am required to complete the core classes first. The third course if from the Editorial track - a set of five additional classes I am required to complete. I am leaning toward Book Design because I am super interested in that but the other two sound awesome as well.

I am waiting to hear back about some of these questions from the program director.

Don't worry. When I decide, you'll know.

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