12 December 2014

32 Weeks

I had my 32 week OB appointment this morning and everything looks good. I'm still under my starting weight (yay!) and my blood pressure is looking fine. The only thing off was my stomach measurement; I guess I'm measuring 2 to 3 centimeters larger than what I should be. Conveniently, a preggo lady's tummy is supposed to measure one centimeter for every week she's been pregnant, plus or minus two. This means I should be measuring anywhere from 28 to 34 centimeters, but I'm measuring 36 to 37. My glucose levels were good (no diabetes for me!) so my doc is having me come back later for another ultrasound. I'm actually glad, mostly because I'll take any chance I can get to see my little guy. 
My ultrasound will be on December 23rd: what a great pre-Christmas present! Hopefully Tyson will be able to join me this time since he's been unable to come to the other ultrasounds. What does it mean to measure big? Baby Remy #2 might be in a weird position, or I might have lots of extra fluid in my tummy, or maybe he's going to come earlier than we thought. Knowing my luck with this pregnancy, this baby will suddenly had a due date in the middle of January. (Recap: my original due date was Feb. 28 before it was moved to Feb. 6 so an even earlier due date wouldn't surprise me a bit.)
Baby Remy #2 isn't much of a kicker; he's more a stretcher and roller. I don't mind but that means that Tyson hasn't had the chance to feel the little guy move. It doesn't help that my placenta is right at the front of my stomach so the extra padding makes it harder for Tyson to discern those movements. (I told Nelson about the baby movements and he thought was so weird. I'll have to have Nelson feel the baby move once the baby is bigger.)
I'm pretty excited to only be 8 (or less) weeks out from welcoming this little guy into our family. We sure have a lot to do before he comes though! I have all his clothes washed and folded but I still need to sort them into his drawers, put his other gifts away, and get his new bedding washed (thanks to my mom and sisters for the cutest baby-Lion King bedding set). We can't wait!

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