22 December 2014

Pre-Christmas Festivities

This weekend we attended two family parties and had a great time. William got to see Santa (again) and he scored big time in the white elephant gift exchange. He came away from this weekend with five new little cars, two toy planes, a play drum (so he can be "a drummer boy" as he calls it), a toy race car a la Cars, and a toy train a la Thomas the Tank Engine. He's a VERY happy boy with all his cool new toys.
Tyson's Grandma gave us a Campbell's Slow Cooker recipe book that I am stoked to try out. I flipped through all the recipes and they look easy and yummy, an important combination. 
I made "magic cookie bars" for the first family party we went to and they were a hit. If you're interested, here's the recipe: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/202943526934344053/. This dessert is cool because the basic recipe stays the same but you can change up the ingredients to make it your own thing. There's LOTS of variations.
Tyson's been feeling sad that there's no snow here in Utah. It rained pretty much all weekend and was raining again this morning. Right before I left for work I looked outside and, voila! Snow! Tyson looked like a kid on Christmas morning. I told him that he'd better be feeling the Christmas spirit now and that once the snow starts to stick (probably not until Christmas day) I expect full-on frolicking. Maybe I'll capture it on video :)
I sang in church yesterday with the ward choir and had a solo verse on "The Wexford Carol". I get pretty nervous when I have to sing in front of people as a soloist but this time it was fine since I stood right with the choir and everyone else, including my fellow sopranos, "ooo"ed their parts. I wasn't nervous at all and I'm pleased with how it went. I feel like my voice has gotten louder and stronger since I was in the Utah Valley Millennial Choir (UVMCO) last year. I worked so hard to develop my voice in high school and college by singing in lots of choirs and doing voice lessons. But I never felt confident as a singer until I sang with UVMCO. I don't know why that is. Really. But I trained my voice to be more full and I feel like my range is improving with practice. Well, I guess I'm not able to sing higher or lower, but the notes I can sing are more clear and confident. No one in our "new" ward knew I could sing so I got lots of compliments and comments during church. 
We're excited to spend Christmas with Tyson's family and I know my boys are looking forward to the 90% chance of snow we've been promised on Christmas day. I am looking forward to being nice and warm in the house while the boys play in the snow.

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