05 December 2014

The Little Drummer Boy

This Christmas season, I've noticed that many people are looking for ways to remember Christ in the midst of all the Santa craziness of the holidays. We haven't set up any decorations yet (yikes) but I have started listening to Christmas music at work and in the car. A friend of mine made a comment about crying to "The Little Drummer Boy" and the next time I heard it on the radio (yesterday morning) I really listened to the words. While the story is not a legit Bible story, the message remains powerful: Christ asks only our best. We know that we cannot be saved through our works and faith alone. We are reliant on Him and the atonement to be purified and sanctified. 
During the madness of this season and the stress of my life, I have been feeling totally unable to accomplish the things I need to, whether that's in my relationships, in my Church responsibilities, or in my faith. Feeling that way is overwhelming. "The Little Drummer Boy" reminded me that I can only do my absolute best and if I do that, Christ will make up the rest. 
And so, here is my favorite version of "The Little Drummer Boy" by none other than Pentatonix, who rock my socks, as it were.

Update: Whenever we hear this song on the radio (not just the Pentatonix version) William starts air-drumming and says "I'm a drummer boy!" It's adorable. I'll try to get a video.

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